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FUNCTION: Develops and tests novel user interfaces for 3D virtual simulators and first-person shooter games that make user interaction more like natural interaction in the real world. The goal is to design and implement interfaces that give users close to the same ability to move and coordinate actions as they have in the real world. The current emphasis is on developing interfaces to train Marines in tactics, techniques, and procedures for urban combat.

DESCRIPTION: The facility supports the development of a range of user interfaces, from high-end body-driven interfaces that fully track the user and present the image through a head-mounted display to device-driven interfaces such as one that customizes the control mapping of a conventional dual joystick game pad to give the user the ability to independently specify direction of viewing and direction of movement. The Immersive Simulation Laboratory (ISL) maintains a distributed simulation system for use as a testbed. It is networked and allows multiple users to interact in the virtual world simultaneously. It was originally developed as part of ONR's VIRTE (Virtual Technologies and Environments) program and is modified in-house as new features are needed. The interface software component is developed in-house and includes a flexible interface that allows for the rapid prototyping of new interface designs.

INSTRUMENTATION: Components support the development of new user interfaces that meet the evolving needs of the Navy and Marine Corps. The lab has a variety of motion capture systems, including inertial and passive and active optical; head-mounted displays; large screen displays; input control devices such as game pads and joysticks; graphics and audio rendering computers; and simulation software. ISL also has customized equipment including instrumented Airsoft rifles that register trigger pulls and a custombuilt mechanical centering harness that limits the drift of a standing user wearing a headmounted display.


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