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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has been a leader in science and engineering research for more than 70 years. Located on a 200-acre site in the hills above the University of California's Berkeley campus, adjacent to the San Francisco Bay, Berkeley Lab holds the distinction of being the oldest of the U.S. Department of Energy's National Laboratories. The Lab is managed by the University of California, operating with an annual budget of more than $500 million (FY2004) and a staff of about 3,800 employees, including more than 500 students. Berkeley Lab conducts unclassified research across a wide range of scientific disciplines with key efforts in fundamental studies of the universe; quantitative biology; nanoscience; new energy systems and environmental solutions; and the use of integrated computing as a tool for discovery. It is organized into 17 scientific divisions and hosts four DOE national user facilities.


LBL's role is to serve the nation and its scientific, educational, and business communities through research and development in the energy, life and general sciences, and to develop productive relationships between LBL research programs and industry.

Technology Disciplines

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ANXA9: A Therapeutic Target and Predictive Marker for Early Detection of Aggressive Breast Cancer JIB-2371
Aptamer for the Histidine Tag and an Improved Method for the Generation of High Affinity Aptamers IB-1929
Aptamer for the Histidine Tag and an Improved Method for the Generation of High Affinity Aptamers
Artificial Metalloproteins For Producing New Chemicals and Materials 2015-184
Artificial Photosynthesis: Chemical Synthesis Powered by Sunlight 2015-068
Artificial Positive Feedback Loop for Increasing Production of a Biosynthetic Product in Specific Plant Tissues EIB-2930, EIB-2996, EIB-3003, EIB-3085, EIB 2014-028
Assay to Determine Sensitivity to Radiation IB-3203
Assessing Endothelial Function with a Standard Blood Pressure Cuff IB-2772
At-Home Test Kit and Lab Analysis for DNA Damage Assessment 2014-044
Athermal Broadband Graphene Optical Modulator with 35 GHZ Speed 2016-195


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88-inch Cyclotron
AC Test Chambers
Advanced Biofuels Processing Development Unit
Advanced Light Source (ALS)
Advanced  Façade Testbed
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research (ARM)
Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator (BELLA) facility
Berkeley Low Background Counting Facility
Berkeley Synchrotron Infrared Structural Biology Program (BSISB)
Center for X-ray Optics (CXRO)



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