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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is a premier research and development institution for science and technology applied to national security. We are responsible for ensuring that the nation's nuclear weapons remain safe, secure, and reliable. LLNL also applies its expertise to prevent the spread and use of weapons of mass destruction and strengthen homeland security.


LLNL's national security mission requires special multidisciplinary capabilities that are also used to pursue programs in advanced defense technologies, energy, environment, biosciences, and basic science to meet important national needs. These activities enhance the competencies needed for our defining national security mission. The Laboratory serves as a resource to the U.S. government and is a partner with industry and academia. Safe, secure, and efficient operations and scientific and technical excellence in our programs are necessary to sustain public trust in the Laboratory.

LLNL programs to conduct its mission include:

  • Chemistry, Materials, & Life Science;
  • Computation;
  • Defense & Nuclear Technologies;
  • Energy & Environment;
  • Engineering;
  • National Ignition Facility;
  • Nonproliferation, Homeland and International Security;
  • Safety & Environmental Protection

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Educational Outreach Programs: K-14 Student Programs; Teacher Development; Undergraduate/Graduate Opportunities; Fellowships; Postdocs; Military

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Innovative Solutions for Improving Laser Damage Performance of Multi-Layer Dielectric Gratings
Intracranial Hematoma Detector
Intrinsic Use Control for Cybersecurity and Anti-Counterfeiting in Electronic Devices
Isotachophoresis System Having Channels with Progressively Narrower Diameters and With Selectable Counter-Flow
Isothermal Molecular Diagnostic Devices For Biothreat and Public Health Agent Identification
Isotopically Pure Materials For Ultra-low Noise Cryogenic Devices and Q-bits
K-9 Training Aids for Explosives by Additive Manufacturing
Large Area Imager
Large Dynamic Range Detector
Large Ultrathin Free-Standing Polymer Films or Polyelectrolyte Enabled Liftoff (PEEL)


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Jupiter Laser Facility -Callisto Laser
Jupiter Laser Facility -Titan Laser
National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center
National Ignition Facility
Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
Site 300
Terascale Simulation Facility



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