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Man-in-the-loop virtual simulations involve using actual people to operate a simulated system. The Ground Vehicle Simulation Laboratory (GVSL) at the Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) is home to two six degree-of-freedom motion base simulators that are used for man-in-the-loop virtual simulations.

Inside one of our simulators, users conduct a real-time battlefield scenario in a simulated vehicle platform. Users are immersed in a virtual synthetic environment and experience realistic ground vehicle dynamics as they drive through the environment. Both simulators have a reconfigurable crew station to meet the cab design of nearly any vehicle.

A key advantage of man-in-the-loop simulation is that it provides a better understanding of how human decision processes and man-machine interfaces affect the performance of a system. From this data, you can improve your system’s design early before an expensive redesign is needed.

-Two Unique Motion Base Simulators for Man-in-the-Loop Simulations

Motion Drive
-Washout Algorithms
-Real-time Vehicle Dynamics Models
-Function Generator
-Field Data Playback
-Man Rated

Data Acquisition
-Soldier/Vehicle Performance
-Correlated Visuals
-Motion Capture – (200 Hz)

Visuals and Audio
-Real Time Computing
-Low Latency
-Terrain: Proving Grounds, X – Country
-Visuals: VBS3®, VR-Vantage®, SimCreator®

Real-Time Vehicle Models

Recent Experiments
Duty Cycle: Created a vehicle usage profile to improve power train performance on a hybrid-electric platform

Human-Machine Interface: Determined the effectiveness of a 360 degree situational awareness system for an MRAP M-ATV

Suspension Design: Characterized differences between semi-active and passive suspensions on the Stryker Platform

User Interaction: Understand how human decisions affect your system’s performance

Repeatability: Offers remarkable repeatability and control over variables that are difficult to manage at proving grounds

High-Fidelity Data Collection: Collect real-time high-fidelity data on your system to improve design

Reconfigurable: Change the crew station to meet your vehicle platform

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