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The Aircraft Simulation Division, home to the Manned Flight Simulator (MFS), provides real-time, high fidelity, hardware-in-the-loop flight simulation capabilities to support aircraft system ground and flight test activities. The simulators are used for flying qualities and performance evaluations, avionics integration testing, mission scenario rehearsal, accident investigations, prototype evaluations, installed systems testing, and prototype simulator design. The simulation capabilities MFS offers have proven to be a viable alternative or valuable complement to in-flight testing by providing quality engineering results at reduced costs for customers.

MFS is used as an engineering tool throughout a program's life cycle to perform research, development, test and evaluation of hardware, software or their integration. The hardware and software that is designed, developed and integrated within MFS follows a generic, modular approach accommodating growth, changeability and the continual infusion of leading-edge technology. In many cases, solutions that are developed using in-house aircraft systems are seamlessly transferred to the platform as current simulations combine high-fidelity flight dynamics models as well as actual flight control hardware, avionics and display systems. The architecture supports independent or internal joint simulations, distributed mission scenarios with other laboratories located within the Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility, or via direct interconnection with hardware-in-the-loop stimulation labs throughout the country.

In addition, this facility utilizes aircraft HW in the High-Fidelity Cockpits, State-of-the-art Visualization Systems, Integrated Avionics Environment, and does prototype trainer design, development and manufacture.

Asset List:

  • Nine cockpits are available at Manned Flight Simulator and are interchangeable among eight stations based on test requirements
  • F/A-18 A/C (single seat)
  • F/A-18 E/F/G (dual seat)
  • MV-22
  • CH-53E
  • F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
  • MH-60 R/S Multi-Mission Helicopter
  • Advanced Mine Countermeasures operator station
  • Single and dual side-by-side crewed reconfigurable cockpits capable of representing both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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