National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR)

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3900 NCTR Road - HFT 200
Building 13, Room 120
Jefferson, AR 72079-9502
United States

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The National Center for Toxicological Research conducts innovative, integrative research to support and anticipate FDA's current and future regulatory needs. NCTR's physical facilities are located in central Arkansas and include 30 buildings spanning one million square feet of floor space, and housing approximately $20,000,000 in capital equipment. There are 132 general or special purpose research labs; 82 AAALAC- accredited breeding and conventional animal rooms; primate research facilities; 23 specialized labs for pathological processing and evaluation; biocontainment level 3 laboratories; a scientific and technical library; on-site hazardous waste disposal; and diet preparation facilities. An on-site housing unit for visiting scientists consists of eight two-person units and a commons building. Modern scientific equipment includes molecular biology tools, laser capture microdissection microscopes, flow cytometers, mass spectrometers, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, microarray pinters, and hardware/software infrastructure to foster science and scientific computing.


The mission of the NCTR is to conduct peer-reviewed scientific research that supports and anticipates the FDA's current and future regulatory needs. This involves fundamental and applied research specifically designed to define biological mechanisms of action underlying the toxicity of products regulated by the FDA. This research is aimed at understanding critical biological events in the expression of toxicity and at developing methods to improve assessment of human exposure, susceptibility and risk.

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