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NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) research portfolio encompasses ocean, coastal, and climate studies to ready the Nation for changes driven by weather, climate, and pressures on marine ecosystems. AOML's research focus includes improving the prediction of hurricane track and intensity; the ocean's role in climate and extreme weather events, such as rainfall and hurricanes; the global impacts of increased ocean acidification; and human impacts on coastal ecosystems, such as increased nutrients and microbial contamination. AOML also leads many international efforts to collect and interpret global observations collected from ships, satellites, aircraft, drifting buoys, and floats. Core elements of the AOML mission include stewardship of those measurements, development and deployment of new sampling methods and analysis tools, and implementation of long-term consistent environmental observation programs. While much of AOML research focuses on the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and waters adjacent to Florida, the Laboratory's research enterprise is global in scope and includes research in nearly all ocean basins.


AOML's mission is to conduct research to understand the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics and processes of the ocean and the atmosphere, both separately and as a coupled system.

These investigations will lead to:

•More accurate forecasting of severe storms

•Better use and management of marine resources

•Better understanding of the factors affecting both climate and environmental quality

•Improved ocean and weather services for the nation

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