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NCCOS is the focal point for coastal ocean science within NOAA's National Ocean Service. Our research areas and strategy were selected in response to Federal legislation, stakeholder input, and in concert with our scientific expertise and capabilities. We work with the NOS Coastal Science Board to identify the science needs of coastal managers and to prioritize our research. We work directly with environmental resource managers, industry, regulators, and scientists to deliver relevant, timely, and accurate scientific information and tools.

NCCOS' s Hollings Marine Laboratory studies the complex interaction between marine environments, aquatic organisms and their connections to human health. HML provides information, analytical models and diagnostic tools to resource managers and public health officials.

Studies of marine environments, aquatic organisms and their integral connections to human health have become increasingly complex, and the research required to address those project-specific questions requires an interdisciplinary approach to achieve success. The work HML does is strengthened by a partnership among five institutions: NOAA/NOS, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Medical University of South Carolina, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, and College of Charleston. This unique collaboration brings together basic, applied and biomedical research expertise to provide support and biotechnology applications to sustain, protect and restore coastal ecosystems, emphasizing linkages between environmental and human health.

HML lines of research include, coastal ecosystem impacts of changing land use and environmental conditions (e.g. climate stressors), marine animal health assessments, disease surveillance, epidemiology, immunology, and population modeling and associated correlations to ecosystem and human health, human dimensions research that integrates social, ecological and health sciences, genomics and bioinformatics research exploring linkages between land development, harmful algal blooms, animal health, and human health impacts., and natural product identification and evaluation focusing on algal species.


The Hollings Marine Laboratory (HML) research mission is to develop advanced analytical tools for assessing impacts on coastal ecosystems and human health.

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Red Fluorescent Protein - tprRFP (Porites lobata)
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Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research
Coral Collaborative Culture Facility

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