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NODC serves the Nation with unmatched expertise in the scientific stewardship of marine data and information, with a unique blend of oceanographers, computer scientists, data managers, and librarians.

Established in 1961, the NODC was originally an interagency facility administered by the U.S. Naval Hydrographic (later Oceanographic) Office. The NODC was transferred to NOAA in 1970 when NOAA was created by Executive Order. In the words of its charter, the NODC serves to "acquire, process, preserve, and disseminate oceanographic data." Its primary mission is to ensure that global oceanographic data sets collected at great cost are maintained in a permanent archive that is easily accessible to the world science community and to other users.

The National Oceanographic Data Center includes theNational Coastal Data Development Center (NCDDC)and theNOAA Central Library, which are integrated to provide access to the world's most comprehensive sources of marine environmental data and information. NODC maintains and updates a national ocean archive with environmental data acquired from domestic and foreign activities and produces products and research from these data which help monitor global environmental changes. These data include physical, biological, and chemical measurements derived from in situ oceanographic observations, satellite remote sensing of the oceans, and ocean model simulations. NODC personnel directly interact with Federal, state, academic, and industrial oceanographic activities, represent NOAA on various interagency domestic panels, committees and councils, and represent the United States in various international organizations, such as the International Oceanographic Data Exchange.

Acquiring and archiving ocean data from all over the world and from a variety of sources, NODC provides the services and products that decision makers and researchers need. Supported by NODC's advanced technologies are people who understand that oceanographic research, satellite and observational data collected for the public's benefit, must be archived, protected, and made available to everyone.


NODC'w s mission is to provide scientific stewardship of marine data and information.

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