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For over four decades, NOAA has been an international leader in aquaculture research and technology development. Innovative research has been conducted by scientists within NOAA, through collaborative research with academic and private sector partners, via international and bilateral research initiatives with foreign scientists, and through a NOAA-run competitive grants program for marine aquaculture. Areas of emphasis have included research on environmental effects, aquatic health, nutrition, early life history culture techniques, aquatic species restoration, stock enhancement, and ecosystem management.

The overall goal of these research initiatives is to provide science knowledge for the agency's regulatory and resource management decisions and foster innovative and sustainable approaches to aquaculture.

The program's current research initiatives focus on

  • strengthening aquaculture research capabilities at the agency's regional Fisheries Science Centers;
  • in-house research focused on genetics, alternative feeds for marine fish, restoration of threatened and endangered species, and stock enhancement; and
  • Research and development through the 2012 Sea Grant Aquaculture Research Program, the NOAA Small Business Innovation Research Program, and other competitive grants programs


The mission of the Office of Aquaculture is to foster marine aquaculture that creates employment and business opportunities in coastal communities; provides safe, sustainable seafood; and supports healthy ocean populations and ecosystems.

Aquaculture is one of a range of technologies needed to meet increasing global demand for seafood, support commercial and recreational fisheries, and restore species and marine habitat.

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