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The Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Center has taken a leading role in marine research on ecosystems, both in the insular and pelagic environments. It is implementing a multidisciplinary research strategy including an ecosystem observation system and scientific analysis to support ecosystem approaches to management and restoration of living marine resources. It conducts a wide range of activities including resource surveys and stock assessments, fishery, protected species and ecosystem monitoring, economic and sociological studies, oceanographic research, life history and ecology studies, and ecosystem modeling.

The Coral Reef Ecosystem Division conducts multidisciplinary monitoring and research of coral reef ecosystems. The Division also is engaged in Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries Management through reimbursable funding from U.S. AID.

The Ecosystems and Oceanography Division conducts research to advance our understanding of the structure and dynamics of marine ecosystems in the Pacific Islands and the broader North Pacific. Research focuses on: 1) the role of living resources in the ecosystem and 2) how these resources might respond to change, both on the local scale (e.g., predator or prey availability) and on broader time and space scales (e.g., ocean climate change).

The Fisheries Research and Monitoring Division consist of two branches, the Fisheries Biology and Stock Assessment Branch and the Fisheries Monitoring Branch. The Fisheries Biology and Stock Assessment Branch conducts state-of-the art research related to the population biology, stock assessment, ecology, and life history of exploited resources and associated species (e.g., prey, bycatch, and protected species) in the central and western Pacific. The Fisheries Monitoring Branch collects, validates, and processes fishery-dependent information (i.e., logbooks), issues quarterly and annual reports, and conducts socioeconomic research on federally managed fisheries in the Pacific Islands Region. Also residing in the Division is the core management team of the Western Pacific Fisheries Information Network (WPacFIN) that compiles fisheries data from territories of Guam and American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and State of Hawaii and also provides technical support to help the associated island fisheries agencies develop and implement appropriate data collection, processing, summarization, and report-generation systems.

The Protected Species Division conducts research supporting the recovery and maintenance of protected species (defined under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Endangered Species Act, and international agreements) in the Pacific Islands Region- notably the Hawaiian monk seal and Pacific sea turtle populations.


Our mission is to provide timely, high-quality applied scientific information to support the conservation and management of fisheries, protected species, and marine habitats in the central and western Pacific Ocean.

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