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The NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP), located within the Research Directorate, establishes partnerships with industry, academia, and other government agencies. These partnerships help accelerate mission goals, advance science, foster innovation, and promote the growth and commercialization of technology originally created for Agency mission. Successful transfer of NSA technologies: 

  • Gives traction to the federal government's annual commitment to research and development, not totaling over $145 billion
  • Mobilizes mission solutions by engaging NSA personnel with trusted technology partners
  • Creates new companies, new job jobs, and new revenue
  • Strengthens the economy, which in turn strengthens national security

For a full listing of our technologies, please download our full-color, PDF Patent Portfolio here.


The NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) mission is to:

  • Establish partnerships to transfer NSA discoveries into commercial products and practical applications that strengthen national security and help grow the economy, and
  • Stimulate the exchange of expertise and capabilities between NSA and industry, academia, and other government agencies to advance NSA mission, technology, and innovation.

Our mission fulfills federal technology transfer legislation, White House Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) goals, and NSA mission objectives.

Technology Disciplines

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Efficient, Compatible Key Escrow (Enabling Third-Party Access to Cryptographic Keys)
Enhanced Forward Scattered Electron Imaging (FSEI)
Establishing Suitable Master Nodes in Computer Networks
Estimating a High Frequency Carrier Signal
Estimating Digital Signal Frequency
Estimating Signal Frequency
Fabricating and Integrating Decoupling Capacitors
Feature Removal Using Wavelet and Fourier Transformation
Filter System for Information Network Traffic
Flexible Circuit



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NSA Technology Transfer Program

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NSA Patent Portfolio

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NSA Available Technologies

The National Security Agency’s Technology Transfer Program (TTP) was established to openly share federally funded technologies with industry, academia, and other federal agencies. Since 1990, the NSA TTP has provided outside entities access to NSA invented technologies and collaborative research and development opportunities. The patents in this catalog are the NSA invented technologies that are available to be shared with U.S. government agencies, industry partners, and academia.
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