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The Naval Air Warfare Center is one of the Navy's largest research, engineering, development, test, and evaluation complexes. Primarily a civilian organization, the Naval Air Warfare Center has a military commanding officer, a civilian director, and a staff of over 3,600, two-thirds of whom are engineers, scientists, and technical personnel. Situated on 7,400 wooded acres in Lakehurst, N.J., the center is approximately 60 miles from Philadelphia and Atlantic City, 70 miles from New York City, and 10 miles from New Jersey's famed seashore resorts. The site has extensive engineering, research, and industrial facilities; there are also well instrumented field test facilities that are available nowhere else in the world. The center, which supports fleet operations, serves as the Navy's aircraft platform interface center of expertise.


The center's mission is to provide quality products and services to the fleet in support of naval aviation. To accomplish this, the center: Conducts programs of research, engineering, development, system integration, limited production, procurement, integrated logistic support management, and fleet engineering support in aircraft launching, recovery, and landing aid systems and support equipment and instrumentation used in tests. Provides, operates and maintains test sites, facilities, and support services for tests of the above systems and equipment and conducts R&D of equipment and instrumentation used in tests. Provides system engineering support services and supports DoD standardization and specification programs. Provides services and material and operates and maintains aviation and other facilities in support of assigned programs and other activities and units as designated by the appropriate authority. Testing Facilities Available to Private Sector: Engineering the center's engineering facilities are used to investigate and apply the latest advances in such fields as highenergy technology; electronics; cryogenics; synthetics; automatic test equipment; mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems design; corrosion control; hydraulic and lubrication systems; and optical systems. Research laboratory facilities are used to explore such areas as metallurgy and synthetic materials, advanced optics, nondestructive inspection, acoustics, and state of the art electronic control systems. Test and Evaluation test facilities perform a full range of development and operational evaluations of equipment and aircraft. The facilities include two steam catapults, shipboard and shoretype arresting gear, a 12,000 foot runway, five highspeed jetcar test tracks, and a helicopter test and evaluation complex. Computers specialized computer personnel and the most modern, advanced computer facilities support the research, engineering, and test activities at the center. In addition to mathematical prediction modeling, computations, and analytical programs, the computer facility's digital incremental plotter provides a pictorial representation of data, and its motion analyzer measures and analyzes data directly from films of test sequences. Fabrication the center's industrial facilities are used to fabricate specialized hardware for catapults, arresting gear, visual landing aids, and aircraft support equipment.

Technology Disciplines

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Dynamic desiccation cooling system for ships
Method and apparatus for computer vision analysis of spin rate of marked projectiles
Method, apparatus and control logic for damage reconfiguration of an electro-mechanical system
Oil/water separator with enhanced in-situ cleaning
Passive visual system and method of use thereof for aircraft guidance
Quiet opening ball valve
Robotic gesture recognition system
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Visual Landing Aids (VLA) Laboratory
Aircraft Engine Test System (AETS) Laboratory
Aircraft Wiring Support Equipment Integration Laboratory (AWSEIL)
Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Software Center
Aviation Data Management and Control System (ADMACS) Laboratory
Aviation Information Systems Development Laboratory (AISDL)
Aviation Shipboard Operations Modeling and Simulation (ASOMS) Laboratory
Carrier Analysis Lab (CAL) – Aircraft/Weapons/Ship Compatibility Lab
Circuit Card Test and Repair Systems (CCTARS) Laboratory
Electro-Optical Laboratory (EOL) and Laser Laboratory



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