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Naval Information Warfare Centers


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United States

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Naval Information Warfare Centers is a Department of the Navy organization. We meet our nation's demands for uninterrupted vigilance, fail-safe cybersecurity, adaptive response and engineering excellence by delivering secure, integrated and innovative solutions to many naval, joint and national agencies.

We are honored to serve naval, joint and national warfighters' unified efforts to best cope with the dangers of the 21st century and beyond by enabling them to respond to any situation, anywhere, at any time. We enable Information Dominance for the Warfighter. Information Dominance is a critical strategic advantage for the U. S. Military - transforming individual platforms to integrated battle forces supported by premier installation and sustainment services. Virtually every Navy ship operation - navigation, engineering, communications, and weapons - relies on the effective collection and transfer of data.
We engineer some of the most sophisticated technologies in the world providing the hardware and software to connect the warfighter at sea, on land, and in the air. This includes satellite systems, undersea surveillance equipment, remote sensors, tactical and business IT capabilities.


We rapidly deliver Information Warfare Capabilities and support solutions for our Naval, Joint, National, and Coalition Warfighters.

Technology Disciplines

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Hybrid dual band buoyant cable antenna element
Hydrogen generation apparatus for an underwater vehicle
Method for classifying vessels using features extracted from overhead imagery
RF power density and field characterization technique
System and method for decentralized, multi-agent unmanned vehicle navigation and formation control

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