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Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth occupies a 112-acre site along the Elizabeth River in downtown Portsmouth, Va. It is located on the original site of Fort Nelson which was built in 1776 to provide harbor defense for Norfolk and Portsmouth. In 1826, a Naval Hospital Fund was established by taxing every Officer, Seaman and Marine in the Navy. In 1827 construction began on the Naval Hospital, and by July 1830 a portion of Building One was occupied. Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth has provided continuous care since that time and remains the oldest hospital in the U.S. Navy. In 1960 Building 215 was constructed to accommodate the ever-increasing demands of the Naval Medical Center. As the military establishment grew, Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth became the major military medical facility serving active duty Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard, their families, retired personnel, their dependents and other beneficiaries authorized treatment in uniformed services clinics and hospitals.Through its extensive graduate Medical Education Programs, the Naval Medical Center conducts internships and residency training in medicine, dentistry, psychology, and pastoral care. Naval Medical Center Portsmouth is one of three major teaching hospitals in the Navy with residency programs in 13 specialty areas. Each year, approximately 75 officers complete internships at the Naval Medical Center. In June 1990, the Naval Medical Center broke ground on a major construction project designed to build a modern replacement hospital with extensive support structures and services over the next 10 years. The project was completed in 1998 and began operations in 1999. The Charette Health Care center is a 1.02 million square foot facility and the most modern available in the Naval inventory. The center contains over 300 clinical exam rooms, 140 specialty exam rooms and 17 operating rooms. In its first year there were over 392,000 outpatient visits, 859,115 pharmacy visits and over 5,500 inpatient surgeries. In addition to the eight clinics in Hampton roads The Charette Health Care center is well poised to serve the medical needs of the half-million military beneficaries well into the next century.


Provide force health protection through quality healthcare for our beneficiaries and through education and training for our staff.

Our Vision: First and Finest! The first choice of patients, staff and the leadership of today and tomorrow. A bold and creative organization providing the finest patient and family centered care available for our national security. The center of excellence in graduate medical education, research and professional development.

Our Guiding Principles: Patients are the most important part of our business. Provide care wherever and whenever needed. Embrace navy core values of honor, courage and commitment. Take care of each other. Treat people with professionalism, respect, dignity and compassion. Optimize effective and efficient use of resources.

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