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The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Corona Division, is the Navy's only independent analysis and assessment center. Corona Division has engineers, mathematicians, technicians and support personnel working in Norco, as well as personnel located at Fleet concentration areas, Navy and Marine Corps tactical training ranges on the East Coast and western United States, along with a detachment at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach. Designated a federal laboratory in 2010, Corona Division is home to world-class facilities and has achieved an outstanding reputation for quality engineering and analytical capabilities.


Corona Division's mission is to serve warfighters and program managers as the Navy's independent performance assessment agent throughout systems' lifecycles by gauging the Navy's warfighting capability of weapons and integrated combat systems, from unit to force level, through assessment of those systems' performance, readiness, quality, supportability, and the adequacy of training.

Technology Disciplines

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System and method for collection of global AIS and radar track information
System and method for detecting an object in a search space
System and method for displaying data from multiple devices on a single user interface
System and method for electromagnetic-based propulsion
System and method for enhancing detection of objects through an obscuring medium
System and method for generating particles
System and method for geo-locating a receiver with reduced power consumption
System and Method for Improving Power Production in Linear Array Benthic Microbial Fuel Cells
System and method for inferring vessel speed from overhead images
System and method for predicting an adequate ratio of unmanned vehicles to operators


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Daugherty Memorial Assessment Center (DMAC)
Joint Warfare Assessment Laboratory (JWAL)
Measurement Science and Technology Laboratory (MSTL)

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