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The initial mission of Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center was to prepare, load, renovate, receive, store, and issue all ammunition, including pyrotechnics and illuminating projectiles, and to act as a principal source of supply at a most critical time - the early days of World War II. After the end of World War II, NSWC Crane began to develop an expertise in engineering and electronics that has carried the facility into a leadership position in today's Navy.

Today, as a warfare center within Naval Sea Systems Command, NSWC Crane is a multi-mission, multi- service product center with both fleet support and industrial base missions. Our fleet support mission is performed in a joint, cross-service, and cross-platform environment. NSWC Crane serves a modern and sophisticated Navy as a recognized leader in the areas of Strategic Missions, Electronic Warfare and Special Missions. By stewarding the technical capabilities required of the warfare center, NSWC Crane is a service leader in microwave tube technology, printed circuit boards, pyrotechnics, radiation-hardened devices and power systems.

Partnerships with industry, academia and other government activities leverage the strengths of each to meet the needs of the Department of Defense. NSWC Crane and its partners are known for world-class technical leadership to virtually every Warfighter, ship, submarine, aircraft, and missile system fielded by the Navy.

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The mission of NSWC Crane Division is to provide acquisition engineering, in-service engineering and technical support for sensors, electronics, electronic warfare and special warfare weapons. NSWC Crane also works to apply component and system-level product and industrial engineering to surface sensors, strategic systems, special warfare devices and electronic warfare/information operations systems, as well as to execute other responsibilities as assigned by the Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center.

The focus of NSWC Crane is harnessing the power of technology for the Warfighter. We specialize in the total life-cycle support within three primary focus areas:

  • Special Missions
  • Strategic Missions
  • Electronic Warfare/Information Operations

Technology Disciplines

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Apparatus and method for producing or reproducing a complex waveform over a wide frequency range while minimizing degradation and number of discrete emitters
Apparatus and Methods for Modulating Current / Voltage Response Using Multiple Semi-Conductive Channel Regions (SCR) Produced from Different Integrated Semiconductor Structures
Apparatus and methods for parallel testing of devices
Apparatus and methods of accessing all channels of a superheterodyne receiver simultaneously
Apparatus and methods of tuning and amplifying piezoelectric sonic and ultrasonic outputs
Apparatus for assembling different categories of multi-element assemblies to predetermined tolerances and alignments using a reconfigurable assembling and alignment apparatus
Apparatus for destructive event testing of chemical energy systems using adaptive heat flow testing systems and related methods
Apparatus for destructive event testing of chemical energy systems using highly portable and ease of access adaptive heat flow testing systems including replaceable and thermally isolated modular thermal sections each capable of independent measurements of a test article with improved ease of test article insertion and removal and related methods
Apparatus for measuring the temperature of chambered projectile
Apparatuses and methods are provided including radome designs with tailorable through thickness reinforcement (TTR) or transverse members that increase mechanical durability of the reinforced radomes against an applied forces while providing desired radar transmissive performance matched to a particular environment. Embodiments provided allow for greater mechanical durability while maintaining sensitive RF performance across the entire structure. TTR in the embodiments include composite rods, fibers, fiber bundles, tows, or a combination of these options. The TTR can be placed through the core or both the skins and the core, and the TTR can be continuous threads of materials


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Advanced Electronics & Power and Energy Systems Technical Capability
Command Management and Support Services Capability
Electronic Warfare Systems RDT&E/Acquisition Life Cycle Support Technical capability
Infrared (IR) Countermeasures & Pyrotechnic RDT&E and Life Cycle Support Technical Capability
Sensors and Surveillance Systems Technical Capability
Special Warfare and Expeditionary Systems Hardware and the Associated Software Technical Capability
Strategic Systems Hardware Technical Capability

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