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The Naval War College is the leading educational institution for providing our nation's leaders a foundation on the principles of war and strategic thought. The curriculum is based upon three core courses of study: Strategy and Policy, National Security Decision Making, and Joint Military Operations.The Strategy and Policy course is designed to teach students to think strategically about the theory of warfare from the early battles at sea between Athens and Sparta to the wars of the present day. The focus is on the relationship between a nation's political goals and the way in which its military means are most appropriately used to achieve those ends.The National Security Decision Making courses are uniquely designed to assist the military and civilian executive dealing with the economic, political, and military factors of decision making in the national security arena. Case studies exploring major contemporary warfare, geopolitical crises, and contingency force-planning issues challenge students to develop the skills to assess the many, often competing, demands involved in the size, shape and budget of future military forces.The Joint Military Operations course focuses on the translation of contemporary national and regional military strategies into naval, joint, and multinational operations, with particular emphasis on operational art and employment of the sea services. Historical and contemporary case studies and planning exercises permit students to hone their skills in making sound operational decisions, to prepare them for critical command and staff positions. The Naval War College awards Master of Arts degrees in National Security and Strategic Studies as accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Nearly half of the American students are officers from the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines, with several civilian students from defense-related agencies. More than 100 international students attend the Naval War College annually.


Located since its founding in 1884 on Coasters Harbor Island in Newport, R.I., the Naval War College has two clear, mutually supporting missions: to educate tomorrow's leaders of our Navy and our nation, and to define the future Navy. Our contribution to defining the future Navy is accomplished through the development of new operational concepts, experiments at the fleet level, and refinement of naval doctrine. The innovative staff of the Navy Warfare Development Command, together with the Strategic Studies Group, is propelling the Navy into the 21st century. Teamed with the Center for Naval Warfare Studies and its War Gaming Department, these diverse groups are working to define the next Navy and the Navy After Next. Newport is the catalyst in transforming the Navy for the 21st century.These two missions - educating tomorrow's leaders and defining the next Navy - are the key ingredients of keeping our Navy strong. At the Naval War College, a unique experience awaits the future leaders of the world - an opportunity to be a part of a national security program that challenges every mind, focuses every career, and ultimately strengthens our nation and its efforts toward world peace.

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