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The Optical Systems Test Facility was established at MIT Lincoln Laboratory to support a broad scope of program areas, encompassing tactical ground-based sensors through strategic space-based sensors.

The Optical Systems Test Facility comprises several separate ranges developed as a coordinated set of test sites at the Laboratory. Currently, four separate ranges are housed in the facility: an active range (Laser Radar Test Facility), a passive range (Seeker Experimental System), an aerosol range (Standoff Aerosol Active Signature Test bed) and an optical material measurements range.

  • The active range has optical and target facilities for evaluating elements of laser radar sensors as well as complete ladar systems. It has facilities for simulating long-range wavefronts and for dynamic target motions.
  • The passive range concentrates on evaluating passive infrared sensors, with capabilities for static and dynamic scene generation in both cryogenic and room temperature environments.
  • The aerosol range is currently configured for the measurement of both particulate and bioagent aerosol dispersion characteristics.
  • The optical materials measurements range started with measurement capabilities for laser radar target materials and is being expanded to measure both the emissivity and reflectance of materials from the visible through the infrared.
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