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The RF Anechoic Chamber is 56 feet long by 12 feet high by 13.5 feet wide, with an adjoining electronic computer control room. A double door entrance at one end of the Chamber allows for access to enable the mounting of test items onto a remotely controlled positioner. A single door on the other end allows access onto a three-foot ramp to enable adjustments of the microwave antenna source hardware. Other than these two access areas, all of the interior walls including ceiling, sides and floor are covered with 18-inch thick anechoic absorber material. The chamber was uniquely designed to test projectiles from 20mm to 8 inches in diameter and utilized to provide radar characteristic measurements and data on these projectiles.

This test facility can resolve projectile target measurements to a resolution of 5 centimeters for a radiation frequency span of from 1 to 18 GHz. In addition, the angle positioner resolution is 0.01 degrees and spatial resolution is maintained within a minimum discernable S/N level of -60dBsm.

The information gathered within this chamber relates to the amplitude of a projectile's radar reflection as it rotates within the radar beam. This also includes measurement/evaluation of stealth capabilities of items under test. Additional functionality of the Anechoic Chamber includes the ability to make simple antenna beam pattern measurements, useful for identity antenna beam nulls and overall operation of an antenna. Frequency ranges for this test scenario include: 1) 100 MHz through 22 GHz in both the E and H planes; 2) the capability of RF emission and susceptibility measurements for electronic equipment within the 100 MHz through 22 GHz frequency range.


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