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Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) seat comfort and ride quality evaluations allow program managers, vehicle designers, and seat manufacturers the ability to evaluate seats in a dynamic , man-in-the-loop environment. Testing seats in the lab setting lowers the evaluation cost and increases repeatability when compared to full on vehicle testing.

Seats can be evaluated using static and dynamic body pressure distribution as well as absorbed power with acceleration data. The simulator can be driven by actual vehicle drive files (if available), analytical drive files, or in real time to deliver the ideal environment for any seat test situation.

-Ride Motion Simulator (RMS) Specifications
-Linear Displacements: ± 20 in
-Angular Displacements: ± 20°
-Linear Accelerations: ± 2 g’s* *(can be increased for unmanned experiments)
-Angular Accelerations: ± 1150°/s2
-40 Hz Bandwidth

Crew Station/Turret Motion Base Simulator (CS/TMBS) Specifications
-Linear Displacements: ± 30 in
-Angular Displacements: ± 20°
-Linear Accelerations: ± 2 g’s* *(can be increased for unmanned experiments)
-Angular Accelerations: ± 30 rad/s2
-20 Hz Bandwidth

Control Methods
-Real-time Vehicle Dynamics
-Analytical Drive Files
-Field Test Playback
-Function Generator

Data Acquisition
-Multiple Acceleration Channels.
-Body Pressure Distribution.

Analysis Capabilities
-Absorbed Power
-Seat Transmissibility
-Body Pressure Distribution Analysis
-Subjective Feedback

Past Successes:
* MRAP RG-31 Seat Enhancement
– Resulted in Fielded Product
* HMMWV Seat
* MRAP Survivability Seat Upgrade
* MRAP RG-31 Seat Comfort Upgrade
– Resulted in Fielded Product

-Comparison Testing
-Baseline vs. Modified
-Design A vs. Design B
-Source Selection Evaluations

-Soldier/Marine Benefits:
-Battle ready legs.
-Soldiers/Marines ready to fight, improved cognition.
-Less back and leg problems
-Fewer cases of Deep Vein
-Thrombosis (DVT)

-Can reproduce previous test conditions

-Test specimen behavior can be watched closely

Controlled Environment
-Motions do not change with time, due to driver, weather, test parameters, etc.

Reproduction of Field Environment
-Measured field responses can be replicated

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