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The Small Engine and Accessories Test Area (SEATA) facilitates testaircraft starting and auxiliary power systems, small engines and accessories. The SEATA consists of six test rooms which contain mounting provisions for at least two concurrent test setups and a supply of high-pressure/high-temperature compressed air, hydraulic and electrical power and cooling water for heat and power absorption. Each room has its own dedicated control room which supports remote operation, control devices, instrumentation and monitoring of all parameters and real-time data recording (automated data acquisition). The rooms can be used for testing air turbine starters, air turbine starter/accessory drives, air turbine starter control valves, hydraulic starters, electric starters, auxiliary power units, gas turbine starter/auxiliary power units, gas turbine starters and small turboshaft and piston engine with horsepower ranges to 8000 HP.

Recorded data is tailored to requirements and may include cell environmental conditions, shaft power and electrical loads, fluid flows, critical system temperatures, pressures and vibrations. Performance calculations and diagnostics are performed online during testing. The test article control system allows either fully automated unattended operations or fully automated operations with minimal operator support.

The facility supports qualification, performance and experimental testing. Test stands and piping exist to test most starting system components in the U.S. Navy inventory. The rooms are designed to accommodate complete aircraft starting systems. Auxiliary power units, air turbine starters and air turbine starter control valves can all be tested together as a complete system.


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