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The Spider SEL provides Program Manager Close Combat Systems (PM CCS) together with the Armament Software Engineering Center (ASEC), the ability to organically support the system software for Spider Networked Munition System (NMS).

The Spider NMS will preserve an essential military capability to provide force protection and shape the land battlefield and all but eliminate the risk associated with persistent anti-personnel landmines. Spider consists of three hardware components: Remote Control Station (RCS), consisting of the Remote Control Unit (RCU) and the RCU Transceiver (RCUT), provides a computer interface for operator control and alerts the operator of intrusions, Repeater for extended communications, Munition Control Units (MCUs), each can contain six individual Miniature Grenade Launchers (MGLs) or Munition Adapter Modules (MAM's), which sends alerts to and receives commands from the RCS.

The lab is comprised of five Dell PC workstations, two Panasonic Toughbooks and some Dell PC laptops, which could be used for FBCB2 emulators, Spider component emulators, and/or Spider control station prototypes. Permanent Spider tactical equipment will be routed to the lab as they become available from various test sites or production runs. The lab will have in-room GPS capability and the equipment necessary to run over-the-air tests through hardwire cables in order to prevent radio frequency interference/saturation. The lab has ample lockable storage for both hardware and documentation. The lab currently is secured and requires a combination to enter. Future plans will incorporate state-of-the-art security including double identification verification and inventory tracking system.

Currently, the lab is supporting key lifecycle acquisition tests, including Army Interoperable Certification (AIC) dry-run testing activities and Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) testing. The lab also acts as a platform to do various RCU code inspections, troubleshooting, and code work specifically with the Spider interoperability interface.


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