Special Warfare and Expeditionary Systems Hardware and the Associated Software Technical Capability



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Provides full spectrum life cycle support functions to provide safe, reliable and effective special missions hardware and associated software primarily for use by the individual warfighter including weapons, munitions, and electronic systems for multi-domain special operations and expeditionary forces. Support includes applied research (excluding energetics material formulations) requirements analysis, systems engineering, design, development, rapid prototyping, technology evaluation and insertion, test and evaluation, acquisition, integration, logistics, fielding and in service support. Weapons include small arms (less than 20mm). Munitions include small arms ammunition, hand emplaced and man-portable anti-personnel and anti-material munitions. Electronic systems include electro-optic and visual augmentation sensors, electronic warfare, personnel and vehicle scanning and command and control systems as assigned. Weapons, munitions, and electronic systems provide communications, surveillance, detection, tracking, targeting and engagement capabilities in support of special missions.

Unique features include:

The Special Warfare and Expeditionary Systems Hardware Complex is comprised of labs, offices, and test ranges dedicated to providing warrior centric, specialized weapons and sensor systems. The systems operate and survive in the multi-domain environment to include Air, Ground, and Surface.  Areas of technical expertise include Specialty Small Arms Weapons and Ammunition; Expeditionary Air Command and Control Systems; Specialized Hand Emplaced Man Portable Munitions; Ground, Surface and Air Sensor Surveillance Systems; Specialized Electro-Optic Visual Augmentation Sensors, and Laser Markers; Ground, Surface and Air Platform Sensor and Weapon System Integration; and Power and Energy systems of systems management.


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