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Transportation Security Laboratory
Building 315
Atlantic City International Airport, NJ 08405
United States

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The Transportation Security Laboratory is a Department of Homeland Security Federal Laboratory located at the William J. Hughes Technical Center, Atlantic City International Airport, N.J., and is a part of the Science and Technology Directorate of DHS. The TSL enhances homeland security by performing research, development and validation of solutions to detect and mitigate the threat of improvised explosive devices. The TSL also does certification testing for Explosive Detection Systems (EDS).

TSL has a rich history of successful product development and technology life cycle management. This consists of growing technology from conception to deployment, including applied research, development, prototyping, test and evaluation, certification, systems qualification, and laboratory assessment testing. The TSL is internationally recognized for its role in the development of standards, protocols and test articles necessary for detection technology assessments.


The mission of the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) is to perform research and development (R&D) to eliminate civil transportation security incidents. The Transportation Security Research and Development Division is the lead organization within the TSA responsible for R&D programs related to civil transportation security. The mission is geared towards anticipating future threats to civil transportation security. In so doing, programs are conducted that accelerate and expand promising technologies to the point of operational test and evaluation. Technologies that have successfully gone through this process have been passed to the Security Equipment Integrated Product Team for deployment in our nation's airports. The research and development goal is to develop systems that are fully integrated into the aviation system; are highly automated, utilizing the strengths of a variety of technologies; and are geared to optimizing the screener's operational performance.

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Method of analyzing tamper evident tape residue
System and method for viewing images on a portable image viewing device related to image screening

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