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Providing Relevant Solutions to the Armed Forces and the Nation

The USACE Reachback Operation Center at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) provides a “reachback” engineering capability in support of contingency across the full operational and natural disaster spectrum.  The UROC is able to rapidly leverage the Corps’ extensive resources to support deployed forces or personnel requiring specialized assistance.

Linking Forces to Problem-Solving Experts

Deployed troops are linked to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the government, private industry, or academia to obtain solutions to complex problems. Personnel may contact the UROC for reachback support using the UROC’s Reachback Engineer Data Integration (REDi) website, phone, email, or UROC’s satellite based TeleEngineering Communication Equipment.

Engineering Expertise

The UROC responds to incoming requests for information (RFIs) in topic areas such as:

  • Bridge Military Load Classification (MLC)
    • Airfield Design and Repair
    • Dam Breach and Hydrology Analysis
    • Trafficability (On or Off Road)
    • Geological information
    • Climate information and analysis
      • Force Protection / Survivability
      • Bomb Damage Assessment
      • Critical Infrastructure Assessment
      • Base Camp Development engineering, master planning and facilities
Innovative Development

UROC personnel have designed and produced several Field Force Engineering tools to enhance the capabilities available to DoD forces.  

These include:

  • The Automated Route Reconnaissance Kit (ARRK) –incorporates a GPS, video camera, and inertial measurement unit to provide an automated collection and processing capability for on-the-move reconnaissance, supporting both ground and airborne platforms. This system has supported numerous military operations and natural disaster response missions.
  • TeleEngineering Communication Equipment-Deployable (TCE-D) – provides assured communication to execute reachback. Leverages COTS technology in a UROC integrated solution to provide internet access, secure and nonsecure VTC and data transfer using approved encryption.  The system is a critical component when communication infrastructure is unavailable.
  • Reachback Engineer Data Integration (REDi) website provides a common database, mapping tool, and robust user interface for submitting, managing, tracking and archiving all data and reachback support managed through the UROC related to the

engineer reachback process and the Field Force Engineering program.  An array of hand-held data collection devices are being accessed for integration to the REDi.


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