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ARDEC is the only DOD agency developing new technology to be implemented in state of the art x-ray imaging systems. This technology includes unique x-ray tubes, highly efficient digital radiation detectors and detector systems, multi-spectral radiographic imagers, cone beam tomographic imaging systems, and automated software analysis of radiographs and tomographs. ARDEC has a patent issued for a multi-spectral baggage inspection system that implements some of the new technology. ARDEC has a patent pending for a method of achieving digital radiographs with little or no scattered radiation, which is the bane of good digital x-ray images. The impact to the military will be the ability to discern defects in materials with greater accuracy and certainty, to create portable x-ray units of considerably less weight for both Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) and medical imaging, to increase the throughput for both medical and NDI imaging systems, to create neutron radiographic systems using neutron tubes rather than nuclear material, to create powerful and efficient neutron based mine detection and baggage inspection equipment. Already ARDEC has developed a state-of-the-art baggage inspection system for explosives detection, is experimenting with multi-energy x-ray for measuring variation in material composition in explosives and propellants, and has implemented computed tomographic systems for finding defects in munitions that are not discernible by radiographic systems. Although the technology is being developed for NDI of manufactured items, it is equally applicable for medical diagnostics, cancer treatment, detection of illicit material (nuclear material, drugs, ammunition, explosives, etc.) at ports of entry (borders, doorways, airports, military bases). The UCT system is a state-of-the-art computed tomography X-ray system. With the ability to render 3D X-ray images and the added unique capability in the eastern United States of an energetic material allowance, full-up ammunition rounds can be examined in their entirety and with very high resolution approaching a few mills (0.003").


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