On Demand

The FLC is committed to providing technology transfer professionals, researchers, and members of industry with the educational tools and services needed to improve any agency’s commercialization efforts. Here you will find a wide range of T2 centric online classes, webinars, videos and publications to help advance your T2 understanding.

Online Courses

From fundamental T2 training to in-depth success case studies, the FLC curriculum covers the ins and outs of the T2 process. Expand your T2 knowledge anytime and anywhere with our on demand online courses.


Featuring helpful webinars with experienced T2 professional speakers, you’ll be guided through commercialization strategies to maximize your lab-to-market success. Sign up for an upcoming webinar or view one of several on demand webinars at your disposal.

Reference Materials

The Learning Center offers a complete, online library of FLC published references and white papers available for download.