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Communicating T2 Value: CRADA Economic Impact Study and Success Stories Panel Session

Whether you are a new or experienced ORTA, are in lab or program management, or are simply interested in T2’s unique impacts, this 60-minute panel is the perfect opportunity for you to understand the overall impact of CRADAs. Based on a pilot CRADA Economic Impact Study (EIS), the panel will discuss the practical impacts that CRADAs have on DoD ORTAs, the Warfighter, the United States economy, and DoD's Defense Mission. Additional topics include:

1) Success stories and impacts on the Warfighter;
2) How an economic impact study helped ORTAs relay their impacts to senior leadership officials;
3) How these findings have changed ORTAs' approaches to CRADA partnerships; and
4) How this EIS positively impacted their labs.

Please join us to take this first step in unleashing the power of CRADAs for your efforts in the U.S. Department of Defense research enterprise.

Dr. James Kearns of AFRL 711 HPW
Ms. Jenna Dix of NSWC Crane
Dr. Russ Alexander a contractor with DEVCOM-AvMC

Panel Moderator:
Dr. Michael Wallner of TechLink, Panel Moderator
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Chair of DoD’s Professional Development Working Group:
Ms. Sabra Tomb-USAF