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This workshop will focus on technology transition examples from the Army Research Laboratory – the fundamental research arm of the Army’s science and technology enterprise.  Technology transitions can follow many paths and by sharing some examples of past, ongoing, and new planned initi

This workshop will focus on the U.S.

This session will focus on Educational Partnership Agreements (EPAs) and the information you need to develop them.  It will also include a discussion of common activities under EPAs and addi

The DoD Intellectual Property Cadre Director and IP Cadre civilian leads will describe the organization and mission of the IP Cadre and some of the current initiatives of the IP Cadre and IP-rela

The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Defense Innovation Accelerator (DIA): Bringing inventors, entrepreneurs, and DoD customers together to commercialize cutting-edge DoD technology an

John Dement, OSD T2, will present Partnership Intermediary 101, which will take a look at changes stemming from the 2020 DoD PIA Study in the revised DoDI 5535.8, trai

Description: Opportunities to Advance Department of Defense Technology Transfer With Partnership Intermediary Agreements.

Whether you are a new or experienced ORTA, are in lab or program management, or are simply interested in T2’s unique impacts, this 60-minute panel is the perfect opportunity for you to understand th

Through instruction and examples (handout linked here), attendees from the lab

Learn about potential changes to technology transfer legislation and other pertinent legislative updates and noteworthy changes with Speaker: Courtney Silverthorn, Ph.D., Acting Director, Technology Partnerships Office, National Institute of Standards and Technology.