External Training Programs

This External Training Programs list provides an extensive list of additional T2 training programs that are available through other organizations working in T2. Programs are available for anyone from seasoned T2 professionals to newcomers in the field, and are taught by many of the same instructors and speakers featured in our training courses and webinars. Search through a list of other organizations’ training programs to further your T2 education.

Catalog of courses on full range of technology transfer topics ranging from bechmarks and royalty rates to intellectual property.

Designation designed to teach the scientific and engineering communities how to better focus their research on initiatives that have the greatest promise of becoming value-added commercial endeavors.

NASA enters into partnerships with universities to administer this program, which educates business students at those universities on business models and using federal technology. Participants create market assessments and business plans, with NASA's high-tech patent portfolio and NASA scientists and innovators.

Professional enrichment programs in technology commercialization and startup formation, customized for groups of 4-20 people. Coursework includes seminars on tech transfer; visits to university T2 offices, incubators, and Proof of Concept Centers; and networking events.

Training for innovation professionals in the public and private sector, with a global focus. Options include customized and specialist courses, secondment programs at Oxford, capacity building programs, and entrepreneurship training. Courses primarily offered at Oxford.

15-credit (typically 2 year) curriculum designed to help working professionals and postgraduate fellows gain expertise and experience in technology transfer. Classes regulary held in evenings in either FAES’s Academic Center or on the NIH campuses in Bethesda and Rockville, MD.

Credential awarded to professionals who have demonstrated their experience and proficiency in the licensing and commercialization of intellectual property. Participants earn this certification through an examination, which they prepare for using a blend of coursework, educational materials, and work experience.

Courses and events for hands-on learning and sharing of expertise in tech transfer and R&D collaborations in various locations worldwide. Classes can also be commissioned for in-house delivery.

The Air Force Institute of Technology School of Systems Logistics provides job training and education to Air Force professionals. The course catalog frequently offers topics related to lab management and technology transfer. AFIT may also be engaged to deliver customized training to Air Force and DOD customers.

Self-paced educational material that provides a guide to technology transfer as practiced by the ARS. Primarily downloadable slide presentations and reading material.