External Training Programs

This External Training Programs list provides an extensive list of additional T2 training programs that are available through other organizations working in T2. Programs are available for anyone from seasoned T2 professionals to newcomers in the field, and are taught by many of the same instructors and speakers featured in our training courses and webinars. Search through a list of other organizations’ training programs to further your T2 education.

Presentation on tech transfer practices at the NIH, including patenting, major T2 mechanisms, and ethics concerns. The NIH requires this training for all of its Principal Investigators, fellows, graduate students, and staff scientists/staff clinicians.

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E-learning course that provides job training for technology transfer practice at the Navy.

This curriculum is designed to give professionals the tools necessary to turn technologies and innovations into value propositions, from a customer's perspective.

Certification that recognizes technology transfer career credentials, knowledge, skills, roles, and accomplishments. To earn the RTTP, applicants must be a member of a participating organization and demonstrate their expertise through a combination of approved coursework, experience and accomplisments.

Catalog of courses on full range of technology transfer topics ranging from bechmarks and royalty rates to intellectual property.

SSTI provides resources that help T2 practitioners enhance their effectiveness and impact. SSTI is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving initiatives that support prosperity through science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. SSTI conducts research on common performance standards, identifies best practices, analyzes trends in and policies affecting tech-based economic development, and fosters greater cooperation among and between all public, private and nonprofit organizations encouraging prosperity.

Online Education
SSTI offers monthly webinars on issues and initiatives important to tech-based economic development. Some of the topics you can expect to find are: in-depth examinations of regional approaches to financing startup companies and commercializing university research, strategies for successful economic transformation through strategic investments and thought-provoking dialogue among your peers from across the country.

Annual Conference
SSTI’s Annual Conference is the nation’s largest gathering of the tech-based economic development community. The conference focuses on creating a climate where economic growth occurs organically through science, technology and innovation. Attendees are state, local and regional policymakers and program managers, higher education officials and leaders of organizations active in tech-based economic development. The conference is held in the fall of each year. Find out more here: ssticonference.org

Training for innovation professionals in the public and private sector, with a global focus. Options include customized and specialist courses, secondment programs at Oxford, capacity building programs, and entrepreneurship training. Courses primarily offered at Oxford.

E-learning modules for T2 topics. Modules are self-paced, but include an exam and must be completed within 60 days of commencement. Targeted to specific DOD and federal government groups, but others may request to audit.

Tailored training programs to improve productivity and effectiveness in taking innovations farther geared towards tech transfer/business development professional staff, innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Customized training programs targeted for Universities, SMEs or government agencies in selected market sectors to broaden thinking about strategic growth, innovation infrastructure, and IP management.