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Publication: les Nouvelles - Journal of the Licensing Executives Society, Volume LIII No. 2, June 2018

Can a Technology Transfer Office Make a Difference in Increasing Licensing Numbers

Incorrect Assumptions and Inadequate Context?



Mojdeh Bahar, USDA – ARS
Robert Griesbach, USDA – ARS 



Data suggests that an overwhelming majority of patented technologies remain unlicensed. It is generally believed that if access to technologies is provided or simplified, commercial partners will be more likely to come, license and commercialize the technologies. While access to technologies will facilitate commercialization, there are other factors that need to be considered. While some reasons for lack of licenses can be remedied or at least minimized by technology transfer offices (TTO), there are three factors on which TTOs have little or no impact. They are: economic viability issues; adoption/perception issues and scientific progress. The TTOs can however have impact by engaging in several activities, namely, information gathering, judicious patenting, skillful claim drafting, holistic view of the portfolio, mindful approach to incremental patenting, and marketing.


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