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DoD Value Study

Rapid advances in science and technology and renewed interest in technology transfer at the Federal level necessitate the continued study of DoD’s technology transfer programs.

For instance, the Lab-to-Market Cross-Agency Priority goal in the President’s Management Agenda explicitly seeks to improve technology transfer processes across the Federal government. In parallel with such initiatives, the Laboratories and Personnel Office prepared a new study based on the 2010 Value Proposition report. This report identifies recent case studies wherein technology transfer mechanisms have brought sustained success to programs developed by DoD’s R&D enterprise. Laboratories across the Services provided success stories; we then investigated how the product or collaboration added a capability, saved time or lives, enhanced maintainability, or provided other benefits or impacts. Instead of collecting metrics data across all of DoD’s laboratory activities, this study provides a representative set of vivid, topical, and concrete examples of the value of technology transfer for DoD from 2008 to 2019.

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