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The Centers for Disease Control's Kevin Brand discusses the licensing process of the Candida Infection Diagnostic...
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Mike and Dirk welcome Paul Zielinski to the show to talk about the NIST technology transfer program, which details how...
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EPA’s Microbial Source Tracking (MST) technology is the recipient of the 2016 FLC Excellence in Technology Transfer...
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Donna L. Bialozor, AACP, Malcolm Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Samir H. Shaban, M.S., Beverly G. Keseling, B.S., and Alice Yu, M...
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For more information, visit: AMC Website: www.amc.army.mil Army Innovation: http://www.amc.army.mil/amc/agiap.html...
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FLC Member-at-Large Aaron Sauers discusses his experience as a member of the FLC Executive Board.
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FLC Education and Training Committee Chair discusses her experiences as a member of the FLC Executive Board.
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FLC Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator Robert Griesbach, Ph.D. discusses being a part of the FLC Executive Board.
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FLC Chair Paul Zielinski discusses the importance of serving on the FLC Executive Board.
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Join FLC Awards Committee Chair Donna Bialozor as she walks through the new award nomination process.
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