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Title Presenter(s) Category Year
Multi-Modal Communications (Mmc) Presentation 2012
Cone Contrast Test Presentation 2012
Collaboration With Army Virtual Environments Developments And Development Of Criteria For Evaluating Multi-User Virtual Environments For Training Presentation 2012
Human Research Program Presentation 2012
Gaming Research For Integrated Learning Lab (Grill) Presentation 2012
High Noise & Personnel Noise Attenuation Presentation 2012
Ama Negotiating Skills Workshop Training 2015
Innovation Discovery Event At Naval Air Systems Command - Lakehurst Gaetan Mangano Presentation 2015
Status Of Princeton University’S Lawsuit Over Non-Profit Status And Royalties From Ip Laurie Bagley Presentation 2015
Bnl Office Of Strategic Partnerships And Its Engagement With Regional Economic Development Organizations Presentation 2015
Welcome Address Robert Braun, Valerie Larkin Presentation 2014
Flc National Status Update Gary Jones Presentation 2014
Overview Of Us Coast Guard R&d Center Bert Macesker Presentation 2014
Fraunhofer Intro & Interests In Collaboration With Federal Labs For Energy Technology. Presentation 2014
Collaborations For Entrepreneurship And Commercialization, And A Regional Clean Technology Validation, Testing And Pilot Network Presentation 2014
The University’S View Of Technology Transfer With Federal Labs Presentation 2014
A Small Business View Of Working With Federal Labs Via Crada Vs. Contract Dr. Lenore Rasmussen Presentation 2014
Commercialization Efforts At The Afrl - Information Directorate Presentation 2014
New Technology & T2 Developments At Bnl Michael Furey Presentation 2014
Training Ii: Software, Publications, Ip, And Export Andrew Lenz Training 2013
Training Iii: Commercial Technology Licensing Lewis Meixler Training 2013
Regional Awards Discussion Valerie Larkin Presentation 2013
Washington Dc Update Gary Jones Presentation 2013
Preparing Winning Flc Award Proposals Aviva Brecher, Dr. Theresa Baus Training 2013
Review Of Ne Labs’ Technologies That Are Ready To Be Commercialized Dr. Theresa Baus, Valerie Larkin Presentation 2013
Technology Transfer Issues - Software Licensing, Data Rights, Other Ip Issues. Robert Braun, Lewis Meixler Presentation 2013
Welcome Address Robert Johns Presentation 2012
Washington Dc Update Gary Jones Presentation 2012
Collaborative Strategies To Enhance The Impace Of Technology Transfer In Transportation Presentation 2012
Accellerating Technology Transfer And Commercialization Of Federal Research In Support Of High Growth Businesses Santiago Navarro Presentation 2012