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2014: Year in Review

NL 2014 YearReview

As we close out 2014, let’s take a few minutes and look back on this year. The last 12 months have really flown by, and a lot happened! The labs did a ton, and so did we. Before we head into 2015, here’s a last look at some of the highlights.

  • We got to recognize so many of you—over 200 of you, in fact!—for your technology transfer successes through our awards programs—and that’s all due to your best and your brightest. As well, tons of you submitted nominations for the 2015 programs. You’ll find out the results soon!
  • Our national meeting returned in April, and we were happy to see so many of you there! We hosted more than 500 of you for learning and discussion, networking, and intensive training in Rockville, Md., and we’re looking forward to doing it again next year in Denver. In addition, nearly 400 of you joined us to collaborate and learn about localized tech transfer topics and issues at regional meetings throughout the year.
  • Lots of you joined us in our first-ever Tech-to-Market Virtual Forum, where you exhibited your technologies, networked with colleagues and potential partners, and learned a ton at our live sessions. (Don’t forget you can still visit the forum until the end of January.)
  • We debuted a whole bunch of new training resources, including our e-courses on CRADAs, webinars, white papers, and more. All of them are available in our Library or learning center.
  • In FLC NewsLink alone, we’ve spotlighted projects, features, and achievements of nearly 40 of your labs. We’ve really seen what makes them unique this year! We also showcased around 70 specific T2 opportunities here—with hundreds, even thousands, more featured in our search tools.
  • We launched a great addition to our arsenal of tools to facilitate tech transfer—FLCBusiness, an extensive database that connects businesses with the right federal facilities, technologies, funding, and expertise.
  • In the spring we released a new edition of the Technology Transfer Desk Reference, one of the key learning tools at your disposal.
  • The GAO released a report on the FLC’s efforts to provide a clearinghouse for federal technologies. We’ve responded, and are taking their recommendations to heart for 2015 and beyond.
  • The White House gave a signal boost to our Available Technologies search tool.
  • Midwest Regional Coordinator John Dement got an unprecedented new role fostering T2 for the state of Indiana.

We’re looking forward to 2015 and excited to share new tools with you in the coming year! And don’t forget, we want to hear from you! We’re always using your feedback and input to plan what we do next. We want to make 2015—and every year after that—the best year the FLC has ever had. It’s your Consortium, and we take your input very seriously.

So let us know: What was the best thing you did with T2 in 2014? What FLC tool helped you most on the job? And what could we do that would help you the most next year? Give us suggestions. Anything you want to tell us, we want to hear. You can do that right through the FLC NewsLink blog, either below in the comments, or privately using our feedback form. Or if you’d rather, send an email or call us up!

See you next year!

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