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8 Energy Labs to Partner With 38 Small Business Voucher Program Awardees

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Last week, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the 38 small businesses that will collaborate with national lab researchers through the Small Business Vouchers (SBV) pilot. Eight DOE national laboratories will be supported to partner with 38 competitively selected small businesses across the country. In the earlier two rounds of the program, 12 DOE national labs have been supported to partner with 76 small businesses. Last week DOE announced that the SBV pilot will have forged partnerships between 114 American small businesses nationwide and the national laboratories.

Launched by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the SBV program matches meritorious small businesses with scientific experts from the national labs—providing the businesses with vouchers valued up to $300,000 that they can exchange for national lab research and development. This world-class research assistance will focus on specific technical challenges identified by small businesses and deliver solutions intended to lower the barriers for moving the energy economy toward greater commercial success.

The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), with EERE, supports approximately $2.4 million in this third round of small business vouchers. AMO will award 11 vouchers, the highest among all of the R&D areas offered.

These advanced manufacturing projects will focus on ways to improve manufacturing processes specifically by developing more efficient production methods for alloys, microchannel heat exchangers, semiconductors, extreme ultraviolet materials, nanocrystals, and lithium ion materials, among others. Six national laboratories will work with small businesses on this research. The results will scale-up production methods and improve the efficiency of existing manufacturing processes.

The list of small businesses and national laboratory partners includes:

  • GDC Industries, LLC and Argonne National Laboratory
  • Vacuum Process Engineering, Inc. and Sandia National Laboratories
  • BASiC 3C, Inc. and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Astrileux Corporation and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • ThermoAura, Inc. and Argonne National Laboratory
  • Lilac Solutions, Inc. and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Peroxygen Systems, Inc. and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Redox Power Systems and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • InnaVenture and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Iris PV and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Inpria Corporation and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 

Read more about these advanced manufacturing projects and the full list of finalist summaries here.

The new collaborations with small businesses will also focus on other energy technology areas, including bioenergy, buildings, fuel cells, geothermal, solar, vehicles, water and wind.

To read this original announcement on the DOE website, visit http://bit.ly/2pOl7K3.

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