A Marketplace Where Business Opportunities Can Be Found, Understood, and Valued in 2 Minutes or Less


The USA National Innovation Marketplace is member of Planet Eureka!, the first Internet-networked marketplace where inventors and companies speak the same language. Two-way publishing makes for painless finding and filtering—all inventions are presented with professional sales forecasts, and company needs are presented as simple "benefit-focused" innovation requests.

Making Connections

Connections are accelerated by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) network of 1,600 manufacturing experts across the USA. MEP’s goal is to spur innovation in manufacturing by helping connect companies looking for new methods and processes with inventors who have created the necessary technology.

Companies Looking for Ideas

Find new innovative ideas faster, do R&D faster, and find more profitable products, services, customers and markets.

  • The Marketplace contains more than 2,000 ideas for innovative products and services. Each one is written in an easy-to-understand language (no techno-speak) and has a Merwyn Business Simulation Research Report that details the annual sales forecast, development status, and proprietary protection status of the invention. So you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the idea and its potential for your business.
  • You can also post requests of exactly what you’re looking for and let inventors send you products/services that fit the bill.

Inventors With Ideas

Find buyers, investors, financing, distributors and manufacturers, and improve your credibility with decision makers.

  • The MEP network can help match your idea with manufacturers to accelerate getting your idea on the market.
  • Your idea can be found when companies do a search for ideas like yours.
  • You can reply to requests posted by companies seeking innovative products and services by sending them your Merwyn Business Simulation Research Report.
  • You can monitor and value your entire portfolio of inventions.

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