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Advanced Technology for Monitoring Air Quality

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The saturation sampler is an outstanding example of a collaborative development that is reaching the international marketplace and serving needs worldwide. Numerous efforts ranging from monitoring indoor air quality to responding to catastrophic events have incorporated this advanced air sampling technology.

Jointly developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority, the saturation sampler reflects a unique integration, expansion, and implementation of existing technologies. A U.S. patent was awarded for its ability to collect both filter and whole air samples in simultaneous, overlapping, and/or individual monitoring regimes. The inexpensive, low-volume sampler is used in a broad variety of sampling environments by virtue of its compact, lightweight, highly portable, weatherproof and rugged design. It is used by private and public sector entities in a wide array of applications worldwide, including:

  • Evaluating the representativeness and informing the design of fixed monitoring air monitoring networks and programs
  • Informing the development and verifying the performance of air quality dispersion models
  • Developing air emissions permits and monitoring compliance
  • Conducting indoor air quality studies
  • Conducting occupational air quality studies
  • Conducting exposure/epidemiological studies
  • Conducting air toxics studies
  • Performing surveillance on airborne hazards to military personnel (e.g., deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq)
  • Responding to emergencies (e.g., measuring impacts in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack, Gulf War/Kuwait oil well fires and volcanic eruptions).

More than 3,200 samplers have been sold domestically and internationally, with total revenues exceeding $6 million. Approximately one-half of the 200-400 samplers sold annually now are purchased by international clients.

Patent Title: Portable Controlled Air Sampler

Patent No.: 5,333,511

Inventors: Gerald A. Boyum, Jon W. Schweiss


Jon W. Schweiss, Chief of Staff

Regional Administrator’s Office

U.S. EPA Region 10

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Seattle, WA 98101

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