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AFRL’s Quantum Computing Capabilities

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Pictured in the featured image is Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Daniela Bogorin, shown cleaning ultra-high vacuum components for the Trapped Ion Quantum Networking Laboratory. Individual trapped ions are confined in ultra-high vacuum chambers to ensure they are well-shielded from the environment.  The vacuum chambers are designed and hand-assembled onsite in the Clean Room & Bakeout Facility at the AFRL Information Directorate in Rome, NY. 

Images courtesy of AFRL.

To the right, Dr. Kathy-Anne Soderberg is showing Col. Oberg a picture of single trapped ion that is used as the basis for the group's quantum networking experiments.  The computer monitor shows a picture of a single trapped ion that is being illuminated with ultraviolet light.

The Information Directorate is the Air Force's and the nation's premier research organization for command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) and cyber technologies. The Directorate explores, prototypes, and demonstrates high-impact, affordable and game-changing technologies that transform data into information and, subsequently, knowledge for decisionmakers to command and control forces. This knowledge gives our air, space and cyberspace forces the competitive advantage needed to protect and defend the nation.

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