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Analytics - Almeria Licenses ORNL Technologies

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Almeria Analytics has added a suite of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) software technologies to its arsenal of tools. These innovative software technologies are designed for use in disaster relief, civil engineering, urban planning, and homeland security applications.

The New Mexico-based company licensed ORNL’s Visualizing Energy Resources Dynamically on Earth (VERDE) technology last year and decided to expand its suite to also include the following tools: 

  • Piranha – A big data analytics tool built for text mining to discover meaningful information from raw data, the tool was developed over 12 years by ORNL’s Computational Data Analytics Group. Its capabilities focus on collecting and extracting, storing and indexing, recommending, categorizing, clustering and visualizing.
  • RAPTOR – This computational fluid dynamics code was designed to explore the chemical and physical processes of combustion that inform the R&D of internal combustion engines and turbines.
  • DTHSTR – Distribute the Highest Selected Textual Recommendation (DTHSTR) is a content-based recommender system that aims to feed new information in manageable amounts of data that are relevant to data subscribers.

The combination of these tools will allow Almeria to create a software package that can quickly and efficiently search millions of documents in minutes. The company can provide the real-time status of infrastructure during significant events such as natural disasters or potential threats to national security, for example.

When asked about the benefit of adding the ORNL-developed tools to its suite, Steve Fernandez of Almeria Analytics stated, “We generate a lot of documents from real-time sensor and reporting feeds, so by adding this capability we will be able to further refine our real-time reporting capabilities.”

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