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Anechoic RF Chamber


Laboratory: National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)

Summary: Radio frequency anechoic chamber

Details: The NRAO’s Green Bank, W. Va. site contains an anechoic chamber in the Jansky Laboratory Annex Building. This chamber mimics free space by absorbing electromagnetic waves and electromagnetically shielding the room from outside sources. For these reasons, this room is extremely useful in measuring an antenna’s directional pattern. The room is 27’ x 15’ x 15’, with walls covered with 8" and 6" pyramidal absorbers. The chamber is designed to work in the range of 2-50 GHz and 60-115 GHz with a dynamic range of about 60 dB. The antenna under test (AUT) and the source antenna are located on stable towers 7.5’ above the floor. These towers can support AUTs up to 350 pounds.

Opportunity: NRAO offers this resource for fee-based commercial access.

Contact: Email NRAO’s tech transfer office via its contact form, or call Jeff Pixton at 434-296-0236.

View the original opportunity on the NRAO tech transfer site.

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