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Ask Mojdeh Bahar Your Questions During April 14 Office Hours!

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This Thursday, the FLC Mentorship Program brings you the chance to seek advice from Mojdeh Bahar during our April office hours!

The mentorship program is designed to help you get to know some of the FLC’s most seasoned experts. To help accomplish this goal, we’re opening the doors to you for “office hours” 30 minutes a month. This month, Mojdeh, the Agricultural Research Service’s Assistant Administrator for Technology Transfer, will be available to consult with you about your own T2 challenges.

Mojdeh is a great mentor to consult with for career and professional development—in addition to being an expert in T2 topics like licensing, negotiation, and marketing. As a senior-level management executive, longtime FLC trainer and former Chair, and a well-connected member of many T2 and career organizations, she has a wealth of insight to share with new and mid-career professionals.

For this session, no presentation and no registration are required—just the start of an informal conversation with someone who’s learned the ropes and is ready to serve as a sounding board for your questions. We hope you’ll use it as a starting point for your own personal conversations with Mojdeh and our other mentors.

Drop in and ask Mojdeh your questions this Thursday, April 14! She’ll be online from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. EDT. Learn how at our calendar event for this session.

Can’t make it to the live session? Send your questions to Mojdeh and other mentors on the FLC forum. Or, email Mojdeh directly to start a private conversation.

Learn more about our new mentorship program at www.federallabs.org/mentorship-program.

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