Boosting the Gulf Coast Economy Through T2

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The legal team and technology transfer staff at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) are using technology transfer to bring innovation and jobs to the Gulf Coast. The legal team at NRL’s outpost at Stennis Space Center (NRL-SSC) is working tirelessly to promote technology transfer as a method of local economic development—especially important to the Gulf Coast in these post-Hurricane Katrina years.

A major facet of their efforts involves fostering the environment for technology transfer to local businesses. The legal team and the NRL technology transfer office worked together to change descriptions of NRL technologies to make their possible applications easier for members of industry to understand at a glance. Last year, NRL-SSC’s assistant counsel for patents founded the Gulf Coast Patent Association (GCPA) to fill a gap that existed due to the lack of local patent attorneys. The GCPA, whose mission is to encourage an environment that nurtures innovation, quickly grew far beyond its original scope. Members work to encourage more commercialization and bring more innovation-related jobs to the Gulf Coast by interacting with technology transfer and business incubators, and educating business owners. GCPA members recently submitted a proposal to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to create a satellite office in the New Orleans area.

In addition to changing the local culture, the team has also been working to increase the culture of technology transfer within the lab by educating NRL-SSC scientists and researchers about its benefits.

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