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Calling All FLC Business Success Stories!

Numerous steps and factors go into the technology transfer process, and it can take years for many federally developed technologies to be brought to market; therefore, when a technology makes a successful trip from lab to market, it needs to be shared, promoted and celebrated.

FLC Business is a tool all federal agencies and laboratories can use to host their laboratory resource information in an easy-to-search database. The most comprehensive federal laboratory data store available, FLC Business provides a one-stop shop for anyone from entrepreneurs to corporate researchers to find federal laboratory information.

Find out more about how FLC Business can change your R&D efforts for the better.

We’re looking to highlight your successes that resulted from searching the FLC Business database. Did you successfully apply for a grant from a national lab? Did you connect with an expert who advanced your R&D efforts? Did your lab begin the steps to bring a federally developed license to the mass market?

We accept success story submissions year-round and are always looking for successful lab-to-market journeys and partnerships to feature.

If you have a success story that came from using FLC Business that you’d like to see featured, we’d love to help you promote that wonderful milestone!

Using our online form, you can easily submit your success stories that meet the following criteria:

  1. The story must be approved by your laboratory, agency, or company PAO.
  2. The story must include at least one of the following aspects:
  • Successful commercialization of a technology
  • Successful partnership between a laboratory and an external organization or another federal laboratory
  • If the federal technology has not been commercialized, the story must include how the technology has made an impact in a community or nationwide, and how it has the power to improve society.

To submit your lab’s success story, visit our online form. For questions about the FLC success stories gallery and submission criteria, contact support@federallabs.org

Visit federallabs.org/successes to view our Success Story and FLC Awards galleries.

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