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Clean Water to Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Through EPA - WaterStep Collaboration

Environmental Protection Agency

The FLC is excited to present the newest addition to its video library—Clean Water to Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Through EPA - WaterStep Collaboration. The video features the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) partner, WaterStep, a nonprofit that creates safe water solutions and products for those in need. Through the CRADA partnership, WaterStep worked with EPA researchers at the EPA Test and Evaluation Facility to develop an emergency water treatment system that has helped thousands of people with limited access to safe water.

From the collaborative work by the EPA and WaterStep, this lifesaving technology has been used to create safe drinking water for dozens of communities across Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria struck in September 2017.

The EPA-WaterStep CRADA is a shining example of how research and development collaborations between private entities and federal laboratories can have a powerful impact on our world. The FLC is proud to share this video, which was the winner of our CRADA success story submission contest.

To learn more about CRADAs and the dedicated R&D work of federal laboratories and their partners, visit the Success Stories Gallery

The CRADA success video can be viewed on the FLC YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db9M1Si0Jkk


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