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Compact Microscope Imaging System With Intelligent Controls


Innovators at Glenn Research Center have developed a diagnostic microscope analysis tool with intelligent controls. This compact microscope imaging system (CMIS) combines intelligent image processing with remote control capabilities usually reserved for conventional microscopes. The innovation can be used in situ with a minimum amount of user intervention. It incorporates the ability to autofocus on a microscope sample, automatically scan an image, and perform machine vision analysis on multiple samples simultaneously. The hardware requires less room than conventional microscopes, and experiments can be conducted without the need for constant monitoring. The system runs, controls, and analyzes microscope experiments automatically and remotely.

CMIS offers—in a small, lightweight, compact form—functionality previously available only in large bulky instruments. Innovative software processing techniques offer improved diagnostic techniques in multiple areas, such as interface detection in colloidal hard sphere systems, cell identification and classification, and surface defect classification. Unlike human technicians, the CMIS will not tire or become distracted. The innovation is especially useful in inspecting parts on industrial production lines, biomedical research, materials science, and space science in its capabilities for remote control and for relieving human technicians of tedious tasks.

For more information, contact, ttp@grc.nasa.gov.

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