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Deadline Extended – Submit Your Techs to be Featured in Our Virtual Environment!

The FLC wants to feature your successfully commercialized technologies in LabTech at Home—the first virtual environment of LabTech in Your Life! LabTech at Home is a virtual tech success gallery and educational tool designed to bring awareness to the significant impact technology transfer has on our everyday lives.

The FLC is planning a second shoot of the LabTech at Home environment to feature even more household innovations that were originally developed by federal agencies and labs and later introduced to the commercial marketplace. This is an ideal opportunity for any agency or laboratory looking to market their technology transfer successes to the public. Show off your T2 success by submitting technologies to the LabTech at Home virtual environment.

Submit your techs through the LabTech online submission portal today! 

Technology Submission Requirements

All submissions will be accepted through our online submission portal and must meet the following requirements. 

  • A technology that can be found inside or outside of any of the following dwelling spaces: living room, kitchen, pantry, office, bedroom, bathroom, garage, driveway, deck, garden, yard, home construction material technology, home-related utility technology. (Note: For examples of current LabTech at Home technologies, visit labtechinyourlife.com.) 
  • A description explaining the technology, its commercialization success story, and its impact on society, life, and/or the economy. (Note: Descriptions MUST be 200 words or less.)
  • A high-resolution image or illustration of the featured technology that showcases the technology and/or its use in a commercial application.
  • A link to an approved agency/laboratory success story article or a detailed, full-length write-up that describes the success story to be featured in the FLC Success Stories Gallery (Note: View Success Story Criteria)
  • A photo credit (the name of the person or laboratory responsible for taking the photo)
  • Agency and/or laboratory logo.

IMPORTANT: All submitted content MUST be approved for general publication and release by an official representative of an agency or laboratory.

Submission Deadline has been extended to Tuesday, January 22, 2019

For questions about the LabTech in Your Life project and how to submit your technologies for the second shoot of LabTech at Home, contact Allyson Priano at apriano.ctr@federallabs.org.

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