Exploration Medical Capability


During missions to the Moon or Mars, the crew will need medical capabilities to diagnose and treat disease, as well as to maintain their health. The Exploration Medical Capability Element develops medical technologies, medical informatics, and clinical capabilities for different levels of care during space missions.

Ensuring the health, safety, and effective performance of astronauts is critical to the human exploration of space. NASA Glenn Research Center’s Human Research Program (HRP) plays a vital role in providing solutions to critical problems that place human exploration missions and their crews at risk. Glenn’s efforts are accomplished in support of the Johnson Space Center, which leads NASA’s Human Research Program.

The Glenn Research Center is looking for federal laboratory, academia or industry partners to collaborate with them on the NASA Human Research Program Exploration Medical Capability Gaps. The areas to be investigated include:

  • Noninvasive diagnostic imaging capability and techniques to diagnose identified exploration

Medical Conditions Involving Internal Body Parts

  • Smart hardware for ventilation with variable oxygenation capability that mitigates localized oxygen buildup
  • Medical suction and fluid containment capability for chest tube and airway management
  • In-situ intravenous (IV) fluid generation capability
  • Technique or procedure to draw injectable medication into a syringe without bubble formation
  • Efficient medical consumable inventory tracking system that provides data on overall usage and usage rate, and integrates securely with vehicle inventory management system
  • Medication usage tracking system that includes automatic time stamping and crew identification
  • Capability to deliver medication to crewmembers in pressurized suits (GRC)

Any technology addressing these needs must be compatible with general spaceflight restrictions on mass, volume, emitted ionizing radiation, and electromagnetic interference.

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