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FAA CAMI’s Air Traffic Control Advanced Research Tower Simulator

Dept. of Transportation

IZone Crew @CAMI

The tower cab simulation lab is used to investigate whether expert air traffic controllers use consistent visual scanning patterns, characterize the patterns found, and determine if some may be associated with improvements in performance. To assist in the investigation, air traffic controller participants wear eye-tracking frames that allow researchers to observe and record controller visual scanning behavior, which includes when they look out of the window, at a radar screen, or any other visual source of information.

Results will support the development of visual scanning instructional materials that can be administered to controller trainees.

The Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) is the medical certification, education, research, and occupational medicine wing of the Office of Aerospace Medicine under the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Office of Aviation Safety. The Aerospace Human Factors Research Division’s mission is to identify, examine, or evaluate risk factors associated with human behavior and human performance that can be remediated to improve the safety of the National Air System (NAS).

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